My new toy the Wheely King
I was very happy to see the ups man dropped off my new truck by Hpi. The Wheely King (yes its spelled wrong)
is a 1/12 scale solid axle electric monster truck. Its ready to run out of the box. Just charge the battery (included with a wall charger) and throw some AA's in the transmitter and you are set.
As you can see when I opened the box its all ready to go. Although I prefer kits that you build not buy built.
Its a great looking truck. A stock 27 turn (silver can) motor powers it. It comes with a basic esc. It lives up to its name it Wheelies on command. The truck is a bit slow but all that will soon change. This truck is only 2wd but the front and rear axles are the same and it can be converted with not much trouble.
Stock tires are 5.4 inches tall. The rims are beautiful and I am sure will be used on many other 2.2 applications.
Here it is doing a little posing next to a somewhat stock clod.
Ok its a bit small next to my clod with 8.5 inch tall tires. But what isnt!
Here it is sitting next to a stock tlt. Yes there is a major difference here too.
The truck has a great scale look. There are very few who look this close to a real monster truck. By the way real monster trucks have solid axles. This is something alot of companies just do not get.
On the left an Imex 2.2 puller. Middle the Wheely King. Right is a Masher 2k.
Left tire cut clodbuster tire and on the left is the stock Wheely King tire.
Beating up on the tamiya mini cooper but the mini cooper can take it. We are waiting for the video to get edited for that little car no one would believe what its been through.
Well all and all I must say that I think this truck will keep me busy. As of now another is on its way. First project pull all the electronics and motor an do some upgrading. 4wd conversion will be as soon as I get parts in hand. Hpi says that they should have a 4wd version of this soon. Clear bodies and other parts are on their way. Have fun guys.    Ricrush Racing