I wanted to build this truck as soon as I saw the tires and the 1/8 scale digger body. The tire height is scale to that of an 1/8 scale monster truck.
Here was a start a chassis cut by Brad Pitt from Thundertech for me. It is a Ripper Pro lengthed by 2 1/2"and is 11/2" taller than a standard Ripper Pro. Now it can hold two packs. The chassis is 1/8 g10 fiberglass.
In the mock up you can see it dwarfs the standard clod.
24 long total with a 16 1/2 wheelbase its a big truck.
I also wanted to mod up a tq3 my own way for the rear steer. Push a button for  steer to one way or another.
The truck has a novak super duty with trinity monster maxx pro 550 17t singles with 10t pinions. Hitec 330oz servos. rc4wd alum knuckles. Thundertech cvds front and rear and original TTR delrin Tuff Tubes front and rear. TTR ball diffs front and rear. A couple of aluminum gears from rc4wd found their way into the diffs too. Prp racing upper four links mounts and Defiance racing shock mounts. Integy piggyback shocks do the dampening duties. TTR tmaxx to clod adapters with of course the jumbo kongs. The parma lid that I painted tops it off. I have a lot of work to do on this truck though. I am working on cut tires and trying to get them to "balance" in a little. I need to get sway bars on the truck too- its a work in progress.
It really makes my other trucks look like toys (well I guess they all are)
Thanks for looking I will update as soon as I get through stage 2 (hmm) Oh yeah it is fun to run!